Landing Page is a website consisting of one page aimed at selling goods or services. Website landing page is used for a small range of products, the main purpose of which is to maximize sales and profits of the company. Landing Page from Smart PR is characterized by high conversion to commit the target action (call order, ordering and sales). Often large trading companies order several additional one-page sites.

Website design should be memorable and unique, meet the main purpose and promote sales. Landing page contains attractive design and maximum arguments for the client to order a call or make a purchase.  All these requirements are provided by our designers, copywriters and professional marketer.

Basically, the landing page includes the following units:

Information about the product, service and / or company;
Unique selling proposition and the benefits;
Promotions and special offers;
Call for target action (order, fill, etc.);
Feedback form;
Contact details;
Location map;

Deadline-from 10 days!
Price: from 150 USD

Included in the price:

Installing and configuring the theme (if necessary));
Semantic kernel;
Filling the site with Customer materials;
Primary SEO optimization;
Setting statistics;
Adaptive layout;
Setting up a corporate mailbox;
Content management system;
Technical support (free for a month).

Advantages of Landing-page site

The most attractive design for the sale of one or more goods or services;
Helps to increase sales of the hit product from your product range;
Increases sales of complex single (unique) B2B services;
Helps build a database of your potential customers.