Online business card

Website-business card-consists of several pages describing the activities, products and services of the company. The main objective of the business card site is to enable the user or potential customers to obtain information about the products and services of the company. Website-business card is ideal for individual entrepreneurs or firms with a small range of goods or services.

As a rule, the following pages are included in the business card website:

- Home page-contains information about the company, products and services in a short form;

- Page "about" - contains information about the company;

- Product or service page-contains a detailed description of the product or service;

- Page with prices (price list);

- Portfolio-page with examples of completed works (photo gallery);

- Contact page-contains contact details, a map with the location of the company, as well as a feedback form (order a call / leave a request);

Additional page with information that the Customer wishes to place (company shares, availability of licenses and certificates, reviews, additional services, FAQ, etc.).

At the request of the Client, the site can have a different structure from the typical one.

Deadline-from 10 days!

Price: from 100 USD

Included in the price:

Number of pages-up to 10 pages;

Installing and configuring the theme (if necessary));



Semantic kernel;

Filling the site with Customer materials;

Primary SEO optimization;

Setting statistics;

Adaptive layout;

Setting up a corporate mailbox;

Content management system;

Technical support (free for a month).

Advantages of a business card site

Low cost and low maintenance costs;

There is no requirement to constantly update content;

Compact and easy to navigate;

Easy and convenient administration;

The possibility of optimization and growth of the site in the future.